Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day today and I was reflecting on how lucky I am when it comes to fathers. My own dad is a great guy I can laugh and joke with and have big conversations with. My Mom's dad, my grandpa Dennis, was a big teddy bear of a guy who loved me so much, I carry it with me still. My children's father, Danny, loved our kids like no one I had ever witnessed before. His only fear in life was not being around for his kids. He would do anything for them and proved it every day. And now they have Michael. Michael quietly goes about the business, of being a father to our kids, with little or no expectation of anything except the occasional hug. The kids have grown to love and appreciate him, as I do. Michael is a good man, who deeply loves his children. He speaks of how fortunate he is to have a family of his own. He respects the place Danny has in the kid's hearts and memories. The kids don't distinguish between the love of their father, Danny and the love they have from Michael. It is merely a continuation of what they have always known.
When it comes to fathers, yes, I have been really lucky or blessed or whatever you may want to qualify it as. The men in my life have shown me how to be strong, loyal, tough, and loving. They have taught us all that family comes first and honor and dignity are important. My men have shown me that my word is my bond and that I deserve the same respect I afford others.
Today we will celebrate Father's Day and let our guys know how very much we love them. It's the least we can do for the men who have given so much.

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