Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am truly Advancing Backward

I looked on line and much to my surprise and delight the book is now for sale!!! I had one of those wonderfully childlike moments when it felt like Christmas day to me and I was running around the house to find the phone to call my dearest friend from back home to tell her the book was for sale! After I called Michael, of course. I went on typed in my name and the title of the book and there it was. My eyes welled up with tears and the last year of my life was proudly displayed with a description of the book and my bio. I felt it right to my bones, as if I were the small child I put the picture of on the back cover.

I feel not so much proud, as I do eternally grateful to be able to do what I love and be with a family who loves me enough to allow me to be me. I realize to my core, especially now, how lucky I am to have my husband/best friend believe in me so much that I felt fearless enough to try something so big. I am more proud of him than I am of me. His decision to take a chance on me and my writing has led me here, and here is wonderful!!!!

I lovingly refer to the times in my life when I can see the world with child eyes and sit back awestruck as advancing backward. Today as I dance wildly around the house with my author's copy in hand, I impatiently wait for Michael to come home and dance with me (he will if it's a slow song). Today, with tears of joy streaming down my face, and dripping off the end of my nose on to the key board, I hang on to the words of my beloved husband the first time he wildly suggested we climb out on this limb together, so I could write. He said to me, in a moment of pure love, "You can do this. You should do this."

And so I did!

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