Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My hairy predicament

I wanted to cut my hair. The truth is I wanted to pull a Brittany and wildly shave my head. I am not in my 20's with a posse, so I had serious reservations if I could pull that one off. It seemed doubtful, so I slowly relinquished the idea to the back of my noggin in the "I never get to do what I want" pile. My husband has said time and time again he likes women in long hair. When we first dated I had long hair and it all worked out. In my 40's long hair just isn't cutting it for me. Yes, I punned for a reason.
I live in Houston where we sit and sweat for 6 months out of the year. My want for no hair is valid. Just ask any bitchy, menopausal, middle aged woman having a hot flash in the middle of the summer heat and humidity. I know there are those who think I am exaggerating, but let me assure you that hot anywhere else isn't like hot down here.
By the time September rolls around our furniture has absorbed more moisture than a bath tub could hold and my mood has me crawling around the house with a fan blowing air directly into my face. My mood has disintegrated into a small pile of soppy ashes and my sinuses have made my head feel like it's three times it's normal size. Plus the bitchy thing really kicks into high gear. Instead of politely asking someone for something my family screams out single syllable words. Grunts replace please and thank you and no one offers to get up for any reason that isn't bathroom related. We become dullards. Part of it is, I believe we no longer really hear each other because of the sinus issues. To repeat anything takes too much effort for September in Houston.
I made the decision to cut off most of my hair in lieu of whacking all of it off. All is the better option for the heat, but only if I want to be a recluse. My family has promised me that they would not be seen with me if I got a flat top. Personally, I think they should be proud of my nonconformist attitude. The day I went to the salon, I spoke very calmly to my family about no negative comments about the choice of hair do or don't I would end up with. I ended up with mature edgy. My stylist is a genius and knows how to translate my hair into something the family doesn't have to hide from, yet I can appreciate as the woman with wetness issues. I am happy with the longer in front and naked in back look. It suits me. I can spike it straight up of wear it soft down on my face.
I realize my hair effects no one but me and my self conscious family but the reason I am writing about it, is we were able to compromise on an issue where everybody got what they wanted. Not one person in my family of six hates my hair. I must tell you that is BIG. Today it's hair, tomorrow could be dinner. This small step for family kind gives me hope that one day soon everyday will be filled with compromise and happy smiling faces.
What? It could happen.

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