Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is That Right?

Lately I have noticed my eye sight and hearing aren't what they used to be. I think it's partially because I am distracted. I feel I may endanger people if I choose to drive at this point. I can't seem to gather or retain information right now. It reminds me of when I was young and I would sing in public performances. I would get so worked up about being nervous and all that could could go wrong I would suddenly blank on the words while I was rehearsing, right before I would go on. That is pretty much how I feel right now, a little blank.

My kids, who always have something to talk about, because unlike me they get out of the house, stare right at me and start talking and I can't seem to keep up. I watch intently, the way they are forming words and their expressions and then I try and repeat the information back to them only to discover that I haven't caught what they actually said. It's rather frustrating to both of us. They also start talking on their way out of the room and I, for the life of me, can't hear a single word. I tell them daily they have to get my attention and look into my face when they speak. Unfortunately, they forget, and my deafness perseveres.

Some of this I think is due to all the rock concerts I insisted on going to . Some is because I wore head phones for 10 years that blasted Chrissy Hynde and The Pretenders, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince. Some of it I think is because I am becoming absent minded due to feeling just a little overwhelmed. Life can do that do that sometimes, so I am trying to roll with it for now.

I hopeful that I will regain some of my lost senses when things calm down here. I realize that this can be a by-product of sensory overload. Usually, when I have had my fill of extra curriculars going on in the house, I notice that certain senses start to break down and disappear. It's a bit like selective hearing, only I am not necessarily the one making the choice.

All too soon, all the hectic, manic activity going on around me will begin to subside leaving the house once again quiet and slightly dull. I will slip back into some kind of pattern where I can nearly guess what is going to be said long before anyone actually speaks. My ears and eyes will return to peak performance and I will catch every sigh emanating from the pooches.

In the mean time the kids, Mike and I continue to have to write things down because I am in my deaf stage. I would do what is on the list, if I could only find my glasses.

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